Fenix Marin was founded in 2004 by partners with backgrounds in the boat-building business. The company’s core mission is to serve boat brand owners as a premium quality contract manufacturer. Our main product category is Yamarin motorboats. Fenix Marin also provides services to other boat brand owners and manufactures other composite products.

Our operations and approach are based on high quality standards and a customer-centric foucus. We are proud of our role as a respected partner in the boating business. Our modern and efficient production facility was built in 2006 and is situated in Valkeakoski, Finland. The production facility totals 6000 square meters, and comprises a production area (4500 m²) and warehouse (1500 m²). The production area is protected with modern fire protection and fire-quenching systems.

Today Fenix Marin has over 60 employees. In addition to boat construction we maintain and repair boats and manage the versatile handling of our main raw material, which is fiberglass. Over the years we have manufactured around 20,000 Yamarin and Yamarin Cross motorboats. We also serve other boat brand owners and produce a broader range of products from our raw material.